Since 1969, DMR Associates, Inc. has been providing heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment sales representation and service for commercial, government, healthcare, institutional and industrial buildings in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

We specialize in custom environmental solutions to meet the energy, acoustic, dimensional and budget requirements of our clients. The companies we represent are particularly suited for the growing retrofit market. We can engineer replacement equipment to minimize installation costs and tenant downtime while addressing problems such as acoustics, efficiency, longevity and maintenance.

Our service staff can provide start-up and warranty labor services for the equipment we represent to insure your equipment is started per manufacturer’s recommendations and procedures.

Sales Territory

Washington DC


Montgomery, Prince George
Charles, St. Mary’s


Northern Virginia Counties

HVAC System & Equipment Design

We represent a wide range of products and strive to provide HVAC solutions that offer the greatest value to our clients. Our experienced team has expertise in product selection, including custom applications and design.

  • Equipment & Design: We offer a wide range of products for HVAC system design, applications, selection, and budgeting.
  • Solutions: We strive to provide value oriented HVAC solutions for reduced cost of ownership.
  • Products & Capabilities include: Air, Water, and Evaporative Cooled Chillers and DX Equipment with Custom Application Capability; Custom Air Handling Equipment Application & Design; and Terminal Unit Selection & Special Feature Capability.

Sales, Parts & Support

Look to DMR for consistent and professional sales support, from submittal generation and ordering to shipment and start-up. We also offer aftermarket parts support, and DMR’s factory trained service technicians are qualified and available to assist.

  • Sales: Consistent sales support, including submittal generation/approval, coordination, and ordering, to release, shipment, installation/rigging, start-up, and acceptance.
  • Parts: Aftermarket parts support for the equipment manufacturers we represent.
  • Service: Factory Trained Service Technicians are available to provide equipment start-up, first year warranty labor, and field troubleshooting assistance.

HVAC Retrofit & Replacement

DMR is your best resource when it comes to HVAC equipment retrofit projects and replacements. From AHU knockdown designs for ease of installation to replacement coils and VFD retrofits, we’re here to provide solutions and support.

  • Air Handling Unit Retrofit – FanWall Technology, coils, and UV lights
  • Air Handling Unit Replacement – Sectionalized and/or knockdown designs for ease of installation
  • Rooftop Units – Specialists in Mammoth rooftop & custom penthouse replacements
  • Replacement Chillers – Magnetic bearing technology, split shells, modular, and partial or full knockdown for ease of installation
  • Replacement Coils – Chilled water, hot water, steam, DX, and custom casings/construction
  • Replacement Fan Coils – Vertical console floor, horizontal, closet, and vertical hi-rise
  • VFD Retrofit / Upgrades / Replacement
  • Water Source Heat Pumps, VAV terminals, electric heaters, and hydronic heat