Passive Noise Control for Added Sound Attenuation

Have a sound-sensitive project like a music hall, museum, university, library, or office? In addition to Nortek Air Solutions’ Coplanar Silencer®, Nortek also offers a Passive Noise Control (PNC) cone for added sound reduction.

Nortek PNC News Feature

FANWALL EC, A Compact, Cost-Effective Solution

Nortek Air Solutions’ FANWALL EC is a complete, integrated fan system that is mounted to a bulkhead wall instead of being built from individual fan cells into an array like traditional FANWALL units.

FANWALL EC news feature

DMR Enters into Partnership with Tom Barrow Company

April 16, 2024 - DMR Associates, Inc. has entered into a new partnership with Tom Barrow Company, Atlanta, GA. This partnership provides exciting new opportunities for growth.

DMR and TB Co News Article

Retrofit Projects and Replacements

HVAC equipment retrofit projects and replacements can provide big benefits - saving on maintenance, energy costs, and down-time. Improve reliability, performance, and efficiency - from AHU knockdown designs for ease of installation to replacement coils and VFD retrofits, we’re here to provide solutions and support.

NAS Coil

NuClimate - Always Around You

DMR is pleased to now be representing chilled and induction beams from NuClimate. These innovative products are designed to help create comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient indoor climates.

Nu Climate Products

Air Source Heat Pumps: A Key Technology to Address Decarbonization

Nortek Air Solutions is pleased to reintroduce an air source heat pump (ASHP) option to the company’s EnergyPack® and Ultraline® product lines in the 25-120 tonnage range.

NAS Air Source Heat Pumps

Nortek’s Mammoth V-Cube and V-Cube Slim Chilled Water Air Handlers

Need a replacement or new chilled water air handler that can fit through a door or in a tight space? Nortek developed the flexibility in their Mammoth V-Cube and V-Cube Slim products to serve as a DX vertical self-contained unit or a chilled water air handler.

Nortek V Cube

FANWALL Ultra-Premium Efficient Motor IE5+

FANWALL Ultra-Premium Efficient Motor IE5+ offers innovative features that result in superior efficiency and performance in typical variable torque, variable speed applications. 5% to 20% More Efficient Than Premium Induction Motors

NAS Fanwall Motor IE5 plus

GREE Offers Comfort & Cost Benefits

DMR is proud to represent the energy-efficient, innovative products from GREE, including the GMV5 Mini Heat Pump and Multi-Zone Mini-Split Systems. GREE’s products provide comfort and cost benefits!

GREE multi zone

Mammoth V-Cube Slim Product Is Back!

Nortek Air Solutions Reintroduces the Mammoth V-Cube Slim Line Product Line To address the rising need to replace and upgrade the aging vertical self-contained population, in December 2022, Nortek Air Solutions announced the reintroduction of Mammoth’s V-Cube Slim vertical self-contained product line back into its vertical self-contained family of products.

V cube reintro 2

Addressing the Needs of the Growing Replacement and Retrofit Market

DMR specializes in custom environmental solutions to meet the energy, acoustic, dimensional, and budget requirements of our clients. The companies we represent are particularly suited for the growing retrofit market – we engineer replacement equipment to minimize installation costs and tenant downtime while addressing problems such as acoustics, efficiency, longevity, and maintenance.

Knockdown unit

FossilX: The Future is Now

In today's climate of going green and eliminating the use of fossil fuels for heating, the FossilX products from Technical Systems (TSI) offer a viable and unique solution.

Fossil X Product


ENVIRO-TEC CRC Series Flow Fan-Powered Sensible Cooling Terminal Units are the latest generation of the original design first developed in 2002 by ENVIRO-TEC for The Pentagon HVAC system upgrade. The latest generation CRC units are designed to meet the quality standards of institutional applications, while remaining cost-competitive in the commercial market.

Enviro Tec hero v2

Fuji Electric FRENIC-HPAQ

Robust pre-engineered packaged drive solutions for variable torque pump and fan applications. Fuji Electric has a long history in providing AC drives in the US marketplace. FRENIC-HPAQ series packaged drives are built upon Fuji Electric’s powerful FRENIC-HVAC series drives. This includes additional pump specific functionality within the drive.


New! DMR Demo, Training, and Product Facility

We are excited to announce we recently completed the build-out of our new DMR Demo, Training, and Product Facility.

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The Only DC to DC Solar VRF in the World - Gree Commercial

No Traditional Inverter Needed! Gree Invention: Main Board + DC Terminal + AC Terminal, UL Certified Single GMV5 Package

Gree Solar News Feature Oct 2020

Innovative Design - Enviro-tec CRB Series and CRQ Series

Enviro-tec products for zone control air conditioning meet the highest standards for quiet, efficient performance, and they’ve just introduced their next generation series flow fan boxes, the CRB and CRQ – both with significant improvements in acoustic performance.

Enviro tec New Product Sept 2020

The Ultimate in Coil Freeze Protection

The Ultimate in Coil Freeze Protection – COONEY SMART COIL Available for new and existing freeze-proof Cooney Freeze Block™ Coils. The industry’s first SMART HVAC Coil, designed to take preemptive action against freeze damage!

Cooney Technologies

Ultra Heat Technology & Performance – Gree’s Got It Under Control

Gree offers a broad range of products in its commercial VRF lineup, including Ultra Heat. Gree Ultra Heat GMV utilizes advanced compressor technology to provide exceptional heating performance at lower outside air temperatures in the winter.

GREE Ultra Heat News July 2020

Built On Site, On Your Schedule — for Your Specific Job Requirements

Nortek’s Knockdown Air Handlers are perfect for new, replacement, and retrofit applications facing space and access limitations as well as constraints on installation time and cost.

Nortek knockdown product

DMR Associates, Inc. Launches New Website

A New Resource for Our Clients

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