In today's climate of going green and eliminating the use of fossil fuels for heating, the FossilX products from Technical Systems (TSI) offer a viable and unique solution.

FossilX was developed specifically to address the unique challenges of the emerging Electrification market. New legislation on carbon emissions has created an initiative known as Electrification. This initiative consists of a complete transition from fossil fuels to electricity. For the HVAC industry, this means heating and cooling a building electrically, without traditional fossil fuels.

FossilX Capabilities
  • Allow you to fully heat and cool your building using 100% electrical power.
  • Provide integral redundancy & adapt to varying levels of cooling & heating loads through FossilX’s multi-circuit design.
  • Supply the industry with the best range of hot water temperatures from 75°F to 170°F.
  • Offer chilled fluid, hot fluid, or both simultaneously with FossilX’s single system.
  • Deliver efficiency with the industry-leading, highest heating COP available today.
  • Feature a compact design that is easily serviced and maintained.
  • Use commonly available parts for easier maintenance and are manufactured in the United States.

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Watch the Video: FossilX: The Future is Now

FossilX The Future is Now Video