Nortek Air Solutions is pleased to reintroduce an air source heat pump (ASHP) option to the company’s EnergyPack® and Ultraline® product lines in the 25-120 tonnage range.

Due to regulation mandates, more and more building owners are seeking solutions to cut building carbon emissions by 2030. Many owners and engineers are moving away from gas heat in buildings to meet this imperative.

HVAC efficiency and electrification are becoming the two pillars for achieving sustainability, and heat pumps are a key technology to address decarbonization.

Nortek Air Solutions has manufactured ASHPs for more than ten years. The company’s design incorporates variable capacity compressors and, in heat pump mode, can heat supply air when needed.

The amount of compressor heat available is dependent on the ambient temperature.

  • For many climates with an ambient temperature above 20°F, the heat from the compressors is usually sufficient to provide neutral air temperatures of 70-75°F.
  • When higher supply air temperatures are needed, or when the ambient temperature is below 20°F, a secondary heat source like electric heat may be used to fully satisfy the heating requirement.
  • The benefits of an ASHP multiply when combined with an energy recovery heat exchanger, where you can achieve a system application COP of 3.5 to 4.5.
NAS Air Source Heat Pumps

Advantages of ASHP

  • COP = output energy / input energy is much greater than 1.0 ─ typically 2.0 to 3.5, depending on the application and ambient conditions.
  • HCFC R410A Refrigerant (R454B in 2025)
  • No need for expensive towers, wells, and ground loops.
  • Auxiliary or emergency heat options available: electric, hot water, steam, or gas.
    • Auxiliary heating operates while compressors are operating.
    • Emergency heating operates when compressors are off.
  • Can work with energy recovery heat exchangers (wheels, plates, heat pipes) to extend the heating range before electric heat is required.
  • Factory DDC controls with BACnet interface.
  • All the features of EnergyPack® and Ultraline® product lines.
  • Custom configurations for your application!

Please contact your DMR Associates representative to discuss your project needs.