No Traditional Inverter Needed!

Gree Invention: Main Board + DC Terminal + AC Terminal, UL Certified Single GMV5 Package

Gree’s GMV5 Solar Generation II adopts inverter compressor technology in a broad product lineup with 3, 4, 5 Ton modules 208/240-1 phase, and 6, 8,10 Ton modules 208/240-3 phase, for a wide range of applications including office buildings, apartments, residential housing and mixed use.

System Operating Modes:

  1. Solar VRF: DC to DC VRF Operation
  2. Solar VRF & Power Generation: DC to DC VRF Operation, Extra Power AC to Grid
  3. Solar Power (Only): No VRF Cooling or Heating Required, AC to Grid
  4. Solar VRF (Cloudy Day) & Grid Consumption: DC to DC VRF Operation, Supplemental AC Required from Grid
  5. No Solar (Rainy Day), VRF Operation: 100% AC from Grid


Intelligent Energy Management System

Built-in smart energy control module can connect to Gree Intelligent Energy Management System (G-IEMS) for smart energy distribution, management and monitoring.

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