ENVIRO-TEC CRC Series Flow Fan-Powered Sensible Cooling Terminal Units are the latest generation of the original design first developed in 2002 by ENVIRO-TEC for The Pentagon HVAC system upgrade. The latest generation CRC units are designed to meet the quality standards of institutional applications, while remaining cost-competitive in the commercial market.

Enviro-Tec CRC

Innovative Design Simplifies Installation & Service

DMR’s extensive experience in Dedicated Outside Air Systems, fan powered sensible cooling applications, and the wide variety of options available on the CRC Series enables us to be the single source for the HVAC system designer's needs.

DMR is proud to represent ENVIRO-TEC's CRC Series. Please contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

ENVIRO-TEC CRC Terminals can be used in these types of applications:

  • Cooling Only, Cooling with Electric or Hot Water Heat
  • Bottom or 90° Access Control Panels
  • Integrated Vibration Isolation Brackets

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CRC Features:

  • Bottom access control panel with hinged swing door. Same for power panel. An option for a horizontal, but 90 deg access high voltage power / control enclosure – currently available on the CRB – also available for the CRC
  • Expanded primary air inlet opening size options (relative to overall box / fan sizing)
  • Highly configurable water coils in terms of handling, rows, fins and circuiting options
  • Hot water heating coils available on discharge or induced air inlet positions
  • Integrated Hanger Brackets
  • Improved Acoustics


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