FANWALL Ultra-Premium Efficient Motor IE5+ offers innovative features that result in superior efficiency and performance in typical variable torque, variable speed applications.

5% to 20% More Efficient Than Premium Induction Motors

Nortek Air Solutions Ultra-Premium Efficient Motor IE5+

High Efficiency for Lower Energy Consumption and Operating Costs

  • 5% to 20% more efficient than NEMA Premium induction motors.
  • Maintain high efficiency over a very wide operating range at lower than rated speeds.
  • Exceed future IE5 efficiency standards today.
  • Ideal for projects targeting LEED® certification.


  • High efficiency motors run cooler for increased reliability and motor life. L10 over 200,000 hrs.
  • Hybrid ceramics bearings prevent damage from electrical discharges.
  • Special locking bearing cap design and thrust washers prevents bearing precession in motor housing.
  • UL listed.

Easy Application

  • Efficiency advantage applies to both constant volume and VAV systems.
  • More compact than NEMA Premium induction motors, often a full frame size smaller.
  • Standard NEMA frame sizes allow easy interchangeability.
  • Available with plenum rated integrated drive that is axial-mounted or top-mounted up to 10 HP. 15HP motors are only available with external drives.
  • Compatible with readily available VFDs.

FANWALL systems offer the most flexible control selections to match your specific new construction or retrofit application requirements.

Nortek Air Solutions FANWALL

Available Motor/Drive Options

Available Motor Drives
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