The Ultimate in Coil Freeze Protection – COONEY SMART COIL

Available for new and existing freeze-proof Cooney Freeze Block™ Coils.

The industry’s first SMART HVAC Coil, designed to take preemptive action against freeze damage!

Unveiled at the AHR Expo in February 2020, the Cooney Smart Coil incorporates advanced communication with a facility’s BAS to proactively
protect against freeze damage.

The Smart Coil incorporates Freeze Block Technology with a cutting-edge sensor to provide advanced communication with the building automation system in a compact design. Facility staff can stay one-step ahead of potential system issues while protecting the coil, HVAC system and building from freeze and thaw related damages.

  • Immediate notification of a freezing event
  • Compact design allows for installation in tight locations
  • 48-month warranty on new coils
  • Sensor can be wired to send a signal to the BAS and programmed to:
    • Turn off the fan
    • Close outside air dampers
    • Open a valve or circulating pump
    • Signal an audio or visual alert at the site or control room
    • Send an alert to email or cell phone

Visit our Learning Center to watch the Cooney Smart Coil video and view the Smart Coil Line Card >