Need a replacement or new chilled water air handler that can fit through a door or in a tight space? Nortek developed the flexibility in their Mammoth V-Cube and V-Cube Slim products to serve as a DX vertical self-contained unit or a chilled water air handler.

Addressing Tight and Difficult-to-Access Spaces

Unique to the V-Cube and V-Cube Slim product design is the slim profile and knockdown construction. This enables the products to fit into elevators, down hallways, and through standard doorways. Both models are examples of flexibility in product design that are helping customers replace older, inefficient air handlers in difficult-to-reach places.

Is weight a concern?

The V-Cube Slim offers a weight advantage over the other two options—as much as 20%.

3 Options for Vertical-type Chilled Water Air Handlers

Three Nortek AHU Options

3 Sections That Can Knockdown – V-Cube and V-Cube Slim

Both of these models have three sections that can knockdown, making them easier to fit into an equipment room.

V-Cube Slim Knockdown

Energy Efficiency. Low Sound Levels. Superior Indoor Air Quality.

Both the V-Cube and V-Cube Slim use FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® to provide ultra-quiet fan operation and to help avoid costly attenuation.

Target Markets:

  • High-Rise Buildings
  • Education: Universities, K-12
  • Commercial: Offices, Banks, Retail
  • Community: Libraries, Museums, Auditoriums
  • Healthcare: Hospitals

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